Hi, I'm Irene

A calming presence,

a trusted confidante

and an insightful business support director working with a select few NE construction sector SME's.

1 to 1 Consulting Session

Sometimes you just need a chat, a sound plan of action and some support along the way.  You are now able to book a one off call with me.   

Great for sense/sanity checks, using me as a sounding board or for next steps planning.  Ideal for HR issues that are wasting your time, energy and money! Or for Marketing or Admin problems that are holding you back.

Click the orange button to purchase.  We will then arrange a convenient call time to talk.  

Sessions are £100+VAT.

Ongoing Business Support 

Needing something more?  Your established business, based in the north east, can develop faster and easier with my help.  

No need for you to burn yourself out, or to add more people to your payroll.

I'm a former Head of Business Support for an extremely successful business within the construction sector.  Profitably grown from £5m to £85m in 9 years.  

In 2008 I went into business myself, starting to help the people who own and manage smaller specialist companies.  

I noticed quickly that you are great with your technical expertise, but most people in your position just can't find the time to look for proper business support you can trust to get on with things, and do them well.

Where Business Support Can Add Value

I've Heard Comments Like...

  • Business is doing okay but it could be better.
  • I'm working longer and harder than ever before. 
  • Marketing!  We don't do anything consistently and that shows
  • I dread the day my best people hand in their notice to go work for our No. 1 competitor.
  • It's hard to recruit reliable, quality people or fire those who don't add value. 
  • Checking in with work in my free time and on holidays is a common occurrence. 
  • My important personal relationships are suffering because of my work.

How many points sound familiar to you?

Imagine for one minute being stuck in the same situation for 1, 5, 10 or more years ...

Often it's easier and more profitable to buy in professional support

Like Fred did.....

We have an ongoing relationship which has helped Fred and his team:

  • Increase sales by 500% over 5 years
  • Improve customer delight to 93%
  • Expand their team adding exceptional people
  • Boost employee satisfaction year on year
  • Win NATIONAL level business award within the vast SME category (twice)
  • Improve profits

Imagine having your bespoke strategy and action plan co-designed and implemented by someone who contributes to results like these:

  • Improved confidence and skills to recruit, manage, develop or fire people in their team. 
  • Created and delivered business improvement projects, generating over £250K of savings.
  • Achieved successful business sale. 
  • Developed boring job roles into roles people are happy to get out of bed for.
  • Grew profit contributions year on year - increasing dividend payments.
  • Improved employee satisfaction rates within businesses by up to 24%.
  • Enabled 100% business growth in 12 months whilst maintaining profit contributions.
  • Recruited for key roles from team members to senior management.
  • Implemented redundancies and dismissals with no costly or time consuming tribunal claims.
  • Set and managed business strategy to become industry leader for people related KPI's.
  • Built a team that became local and national business award winners.
  • Have regular family time rather than putting in extra time on the computer.
  • The Simple Process


    Identify What Needs Doing

    If you're unsure, I help you get clarity of the results wanted.


    Manage Delivery

    Leave it to me.  I'll do my magic.  No babysitting required from you. 


    Happy Business Owner

    Rinse and repeat.  Rinse and repeat.  Rinse and repeat.

    Potential Ways I Can Help:

    Strategy Work that Builds Brilliant Businesses:

    •  Help with business planning process, workshop delivery, action plans and confidential admin
    • Facilitate management meetings
    • Design and streamline business processes
    • External confidante and sounding board

    Marketing Activities to Win Work and Keep Clients:

    • Marketing plans for easier business building with current and future clients
    • Customer relationship management plans to build relationships with key people 
    • Website design, content updates and maintenance 
    • Newsletters, brochures, leaflets (offline and online) 
    • Proofreading and professionally designed documents (offline and online) 
    • Social Media - LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube (account set up, strategy and monthly management

    HR & Training for Enhanced Performance and Profit:

    • HR Strategy
    • Supporting you in recruiting, managing, developing or letting people go
    • Employment documentation (contracts, handbooks, policies, letters)
    • Assistance with absence, disciplinary or performance improvement procedures
    • Succession planning and apprenticeship programmes
    • Creating and maintaining your own company e learning environment

    What People Have Said About Me Over The Years:

    Fred Hood


    Working with Irene, my business is now award winning and sought after as a specialist electrical contracting company.  We are working hard, but we are thriving.  Irene certainly helped me give my business the boost it needed.

    Angela Carney


    Irene has helped me to develop the business in key areas such as business planning, marketing, HR and processes.  Her supportive, down to earth with sleeves rolled up approach has made a positive difference to me personally as well as our business.

    There are so many aspects to running a successful business I was unaware of,  that Irene has helped to make clearer while keeping me calm and grounded.  I can see the trees rather than just the wood much better now.

    I feel less like a headless chicken.  I am happy that she is still a part of my team and I will continue to promote her work to others.

    Rob Johnson


    We engaged Irene to review and assist us in providing a fresh outlook to the way we conduct business with our clients.  In a very short period of time, the entire team are focused in the same direction.  We could not be any more pleased with the extra dimension Irene has added to our business.

    Steve McCoy

    Managing Director

    I have hired Irene to work with us and a selection of our supply chain. Her approach to helping people build better businesses within the construction sector has positive consequence for companies like ours who seek to employ only the best within the supply chain.

    Paul Dobbie


    Irene assisted me with employment contracts and has subsequently been a huge help in making sure I am aware of and meet my obligations as an employer. However her wider knowledge of business issues is also evident and I would have no hesitation in recommending Irene to anyone seeking to explore new directions and opportunities.

    Lisa Stafford

    Head of Marketing

    Irene provides excellent results. She takes time to really understand the brief, our marketplace and the end result we hope to achieve.  She works to the highest standards, is very cooperative and has the highest standards of integrity.  I would recommend Irene to any company looking for assistance.

    Doug Glass


    Irene's calming and professional approach and expertise have been an inspiration, she is down to earth, flexible and goes the extra mile to inspire and drive the team forward.  I unreservedly recommend Irene's creative services to anyone looking to progress their business.

    Paul Marshall

    Managing Director

    Irene has provided an excellent and cost effective service that has given us access to a highly competent professional and enabled us to implement changes with minimum disruption that are now having a very positive impact across our business.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others and will look forward to working with her again in the future.

    Ken Parkin


    We commissioned Irene for a very important tranche of work where we needed additional help and expertise. Irene has delivered excellent results working closely with our own team and her advice and input has also saved us money along the way!

    Irene demonstrates a good balance of strategic and operational working and her industry experience is evident.

    Clive Belfield


    Unlike some companies, who charge a fortune to tell you the obvious and, often, it's just expressing the jargon terms in vogue at the time, Irene forms a deep and proper bond with her clients and takes a real 'hands on' approach to shaping their success. 

    Del Phoenix


    Down to earth and very professional , whether its HR related or “bidding” for work Irene’s help and guidance in business matters has been invaluable to us.

    Keith McDougall


    We chose to work with Irene to help us drive our business forward during a significant period of change. She offers an external view which is very honest, creative, flexible and in a style that encourages you to want to incorporate her into the team to help the business be as good as it possibly can be.

    Catriona Lingwood


    Irene had been involved with Constructing Excellence in the North East for a number of years.  She contributed her time and extensive knowledge of what is going on in the construction industry as a valued Steering Group Member of the North East Club.  Irene also acted  as a Judge in various categories in the region's largest and most prestigious Annual Construction Awards.”

    Martin Kay


    Irene’s expert knowledge, integrity, creative thinking will be a benefit to any company and I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending her.

    Some things you need to know

    • I don't work with everyone who asks.  
    • If we do work together, you'll get my personal attention to design and manage business projects that need doing. These will likely fall into strategy, marketing, people or admin.
    • Your business must have been established for at least 5 years.
    • Because of the nature of the work, I check for potential conflict of interests with existing clients.
    • If an existing client refers you, that helps a lot!
    • You must believe your business does a good job, with the potential to do a great job.
    • I only work with up to 5 clients in this way.
    • Although I work across any sector, I have extensive experience with businesses linked to construction sector (be it specialist contractors, service providers or professional services).  
    • You will have budget of at least £5K/pa available for business improvement projects (may not be needed but does need to be available).  Where projects need additional spend to the monthly payment, these will always be agreed in advance.
    • The investment is £1200 per month +VAT recurring.  You can cancel at any time. 
    • As many passes as you'd like for your management team to access The Managers Helpful Hub (usual fees are £100/month).  

    You'll benefit if you need to get things done to improve business that have been on your mind for a while, and you don't have the structure, capacity or expertise in house.

    Interested to explore if I could help you?  Please contact me, initially by email to irene@buildingtopcompanies.com

    Here are some of the more "personal" things that clients have shared about the impact of working closely with me.  Sharing them to show that it's never all about business.  It's about your life too.

    I had fallen out of love with my business, I hated it most of the time.  Now it's like I am back into the honeymoon phase.

    I never thought owning a business could be this much fun.  It's an absolute pleasure working with you.  Can we call this work?

    Your insights into the business and my life are amazing!

    My relationship with my family has improved dramatically, I think this can only be down to working with you as nothing else had changed.

    I am now living a life I never thought possible.  I have a lot to thank you for Irene.

    For a discussion, let's arrange a time.  Email me